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Reusable Cinch Straps

Original Cinch Straps

from $12.97 $19.98

Reusable Cable Ties Mixed Colors

Reusable Cable Ties

from $12.87 $18.98

Cable Organizer Black

Desktop Cable Organizer

from $15.87 $23.98

"These are one of my favorite essentials. I have tried so many things for cable management in the past - from rubber ties to reversible zip ties to twist ties and cable management boxes. I could never find the perfect solution for cable organization until I bought these. These put me into the habit of always wrapping my cords when I'm not using them because it's so easy and satisfying to do."

"These things are a life saver, or more accurately, a bike-saver! We used them as a back-up, strapping our road bike wheels to our hitch-mount tray-style bike rack for a long 1,000 mile road trip through Appalachia. On the ride home, through loads of bumpy highway construction, one of the clamps holding the bikes to the hitch loosened and the bike bounced it's way off the rails. These straps held to the wheels and kept the bike attached to the hitch and attached to the truck. We were flagged down by another motorist letting us know we were dragging a bike, and thanks to these straps were able to save a very valuable bike that would've been toast, and could've caused a serious accident. Sure, there was some subtle damage to the wheels, dragged as they were, but these things seriously earned their keep."


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